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The just keep livin Foundation's Greenlights Grant Initiative helps school districts nationwide access billions of dollars of available federal funding to create safer school environments and ensure the well-being of our children.

“Schools should be a sanctuary where our kids learn in an environment without fear. Our goal is to help every school district in the country access the resources available to them to keep their students safe. The parents in Uvalde asked us to do one thing, “make their lives matter.” We hope this can help do just that.”

– Camila and Matthew McConaughey

Getting Grants Can Be Tough.
We Make It Easier.

Applying for, and winning, federal grants is complex, expensive, and intimidating. There are dozens of school safety grants, offered by different federal agencies at different times throughout the year. Completing a federal grant can take up to 100 hours and cost as much as $50,000 to hire a professional grant writer. School districts with limited resources and staff, often rural school districts or those in less affluent areas, are at a severe disadvantage in securing federal funding.

The Greenlights Grant Initiative is focused on raising awareness about school safety grants, equipping school districts with resources and tools for successful applications, and ensuring continuous and more equitable federal funding for school safety.

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Cost for professional grant writing services for one federal grant
$15- 23 K
Hours needed to apply for one grant
50- 51 HRS
Funds made available by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to bolster school safety
$ 1 +B

Find Available Grants

There are hundreds of federal grants available. The Greenlights Grant Initiative helps school districts apply for grants that bolster school safety and improve student well-being through programs supported by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. We strive to make it easier for school districts to navigate the federal grant ecosystem and simplify the process of applying for and securing federal grant funding.

Grant Application Resources

The Greenlights Grant Initiative offers a wide range of resources to school districts that are navigating the grant application process, including webinars, guidebooks, how-tos, tutorials, and other tools to help districts win federal dollars.

By equipping school districts nationwide with these resources, the Greenlights Grant Initiative aims to enhance their ability to successfully apply for and receive federal grants, benefiting students across the country.

About the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

In the wake of the Uvalde tragedy, bipartisan lawmakers came together to pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), which President Biden signed into law on June 25, 2022. This bill provides billions of dollars in grants for school districts so they can afford security upgrades, mental health services, and other common-sense programs to make schools safer.

It’s our goal to ensure the BSCA is fully utilized by school districts across the country. The Greenlights Grant Initiative advocates for increased school safety funding and for reforms to the federal competitive grant process to make accessing federal dollars easier.

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