Greenlights Grant Initiative

The just keep livin Foundation’s Greenlights Grant Initiative (GGI) is a national program connecting school districts across the country to billions of dollars of available federal funding to make America’s schools and our children safer.

  • A first-of-its-kind, non-partisan program, GGI is focused on helping school districts apply for and receive federal school safety grants.
  • School safety grant funding includes resources for mental health services, school security systems, and other common-sense measures to ensure our kids can learn in peace.

Applying for government grants is complex, expensive, and intimidating. The Greenlights Grant Initiative simplifies that process. We help school districts navigate the grant process to ensure full access to these critical opportunities.

The Greenlights Grant Initiative Explained
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Our Partners

The Greenlights Grant Initiative is proud to work alongside wonderful partners who help make our mission possible.